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 Nuns in heaven

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Nuns in heaven Empty
PostSubject: Nuns in heaven   Nuns in heaven Icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 9:38 am

4 nuns are driving down the road together and have a tragic car crash. Upon getting the pearly gates together, St. Peter is there waiting for them and he tells them, "We have a special entrance for nuns. All you have to do is wash any body parts that were unholy in this bowl of holy water to proceed through the gates and on to heaven."

The first nun steps up and says, "I once gave a hand job with this hand".
St. Peter tells her to dip her hand in the holy water and walk trough the gates.

The Second nun steps up and says, "I gave many hand jobs with both hands."
St. Peter tells her to wash her hands in the holy water and walk through the gates.

The third nun is getting ready to step up when the forth grabs her and says,"Oh no you don't! I'm going next! If I have to gargle in that water, I'm doing it before you stick your ass in there!"

Nuns in heaven 11gu3jr
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Nuns in heaven
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