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 Demon Dogs Pack Rules

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Demon Dog Rules
1.All members must be active gamers. That usually means at least 3 to 5 days online per week for a few hours. We understand if something comes up, so just leave us a message on the forum here and let us know you won't be on. That way we don't assume you quit.

2. Any members who do not come on the forum to let us know they won't be online will run the risk, after consecutive days (3 or 4), of being removed from the clan.

3. All members are expected to be somewhat active on this forum.

4. Everyone is here to have a good time, and language and taunting is fine, but lets not make our group look bad with any type of racial profiling while online. Failure to comply can result in removal from the clan.

5. Officers are the only members of the clan that can add any new members. Any member of the pack can recruit though. If someone you know or meet while online wants to join our pack then have them get in contact with an officer for a tryout and have them come online to our forum to submit an application.

6. Tryouts are mandatory for all new members. Any officer of the pack can issue a new recruit a tryout. Tryout times will vary depending on when an officer is online. A tryout period is at the discretion of the pack officer. After he is satisfied with the tryout the officer will contact the other officers and a vote will be had. If approved a recruit will officially become a clan member. If a recruit does not make it into the clan than feel free to try again at another later date.

7. Any issues regarding other pack members will be handled on this forum. If a member has an issue with another member contact a pack officer and we can attempt to work out the issue. If all seems lost then the pack officer will be the jury and a majority vote will be had for possible disciplinary action, i.e., timed ban, removal, etc..

8. Lastly let's be courteous to one another. You should know that all members will be joking around and having a good time. Let's make sure that everything stay's fun and laid back. Our goal is to have fun and win our matches, regardless of the game. Let's all have fun while playing.
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Demon Dogs Pack Rules
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